April 27, 2017

Homage to my family abroad in South Korea

Our spot where we posted up.

  As I sit here waiting for my return flight back to Orlando, Florida, USA, which happens to be hours upon hours away, I can not help but think. I am thinking about the strong bonds of friendship I have acquired in South Korea. I am thinking about the tears, laughs, hugs and smiles I […]

Here today, gone tomorrow: small insights from a year abroad


When it comes to traveling and adventure, I tend to remember everything. I remember the smells, tastes, feelings, details about sites, human expressions, even a great deal of specific thoughts. The fact that I remember so much when traveling is startling to me. On many a sleepy occasion, I have laid my head down to […]

A few things South Korea got super right!


Like any place anyone lives or travels too there will be bumps along the way. Although, I have had my fair shares of bumps and bruises, the highs have been oh so high. Some of those highs came when comparing my home country, The USA, and South Korea. Yeah, South Korea is very quirky and […]

Korean food: Dak-gangjeong (닭강정)


Addiction. I have without a doubt a serious Dak-gangjeong addiction. I am ashamed to admit that I have eaten this insanely delicious mutant mixture every day for the past two weeks. I just can’t stop, but to be honest I don’t want to stop. This dish just makes me so fucking happy. The restaurant owners […]

South Korea and its addiction to the rat race


Like so many countries, nations, people and individuals around the world the pursuit of consumer good and intangible status are at the forefront of their minds. The desire to have what they do not have; the desire to possess what they are told they can not pushes people to insanity. People become consumed with the […]

A diamond in the concrete rough of Seoul, South Korea

Cheongdeokgung Palace

Who would have thought that among all the concrete, steel, taxis and soju you would find such a diamond? Even though I have lived in Seoul for over one year I, lazily,  never took the time to meander over to The Secret Garden in Changdeokgung Palace. The palace, in and of itself, was quite beautiful, […]

Secrets of localization: Language


The most important form of communication behind body language is verbal communication. The ability to express your thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires and ideas with extreme detail are paramount to localizing. If you want to become as local as you possibly can, the main way to achieve this goal is by learning the local language. This […]

Rolling hills of Hongcheon, South Korea


Leaving the concrete jungle that is Seoul and traveling east to the luscious, green mountains and valleys of Gangwon-do can be a spiritual experience. While the experience is spiritual, being transported there is most definitely not. Every time I travel a long distance in South Korea I am always met with unbelievable disgust. The idea […]

Serenity Villa in Kyoto, Japan

imperial villa

Peace. This five letter word describes with perfect accuracy the ambiance of  the Shugaku-in Imperial Villa (修学院離宮) in Kyoto, Japan. Not many places on earth can offer such beauty, serenity, culture, comfort and the perfect synergy of those four traits. This extraordinary villa is at the top of a quaint mountain and nestled deep into the […]

Japanese food: Yakitori (焼き鳥, やきとり, ヤキトリ)


There are only two types of people in this world as far as I am concerned: people that eat to live and people that live to eat, I am the latter. I have always believed that REAL food is food that contains characteristics and traits from the former animal or produce. This idea of mine […]