April 27, 2017

Homage to my family abroad in South Korea

Our spot where we posted up.

  As I sit here waiting for my return flight back to Orlando, Florida, USA, which happens to be hours upon hours away, I can not help but think. I am thinking about the strong bonds of friendship I have acquired in South Korea. I am thinking about the tears, laughs, hugs and smiles I […]


Here today, gone tomorrow: small insights from a year abroad


When it comes to traveling and adventure, I tend to remember everything. I remember the smells, tastes, feelings, details about sites, human expressions, even a great deal of specific thoughts. The fact that I remember so much when traveling is startling to me. On many a sleepy occasion, I have laid my head down to […]

A diamond in the concrete rough of Seoul, South Korea

Cheongdeokgung Palace

Who would have thought that among all the concrete, steel, taxis and soju you would find such a diamond? Even though I have lived in Seoul for over one year I, lazily,  never took the time to meander over to The Secret Garden in Changdeokgung Palace. The palace, in and of itself, was quite beautiful, […]

Rolling hills of Hongcheon, South Korea


Leaving the concrete jungle that is Seoul and traveling east to the luscious, green mountains and valleys of Gangwon-do can be a spiritual experience. While the experience is spiritual, being transported there is most definitely not. Every time I travel a long distance in South Korea I am always met with unbelievable disgust. The idea […]

Serenity Villa in Kyoto, Japan

imperial villa

Peace. This five letter word describes with perfect accuracy the ambiance of  the Shugaku-in Imperial Villa (修学院離宮) in Kyoto, Japan. Not many places on earth can offer such beauty, serenity, culture, comfort and the perfect synergy of those four traits. This extraordinary villa is at the top of a quaint mountain and nestled deep into the […]

Muddy hell in Boryeong, South Korea


  Being slippery and filthy isn’t exactly my idea of a great weekend but contrary to my initial thoughts, the Boryeong Mud Festival was an exciting and unique experience. My naive initial position was that I was going to sit on the sidelines and witness the fun instead of partaking in it. The idea of […]

The emotional blossoming in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan


On my first day in Japan, and abroad for that matter, I had the great pleasure of spending the day in Ueno, Tokyo, Japan. The beauty of this district in the Taito ward of Tokyo is unmatched. On top of everything it was sakura season, cherry blossom season, and the blossoms were in full bloom. […]

Daebudo: The muddy unknown of South Korea


At first sight, the mudflats of Daebudo Island seem desolate and bleak , but there is much more on this muddy land than meets the eye. Daebudo is located two hours southwest of Seoul in the municipality of Ansan city in Gyeonggi province. The island and surrounding seom (isles) have a population of roughly 7100 […]

Danyang: The Korean Jurassic Park


I fucking hate waking up early, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do to feel alive! My latest excursion was to Danyang, South Korea and I had to leave at 5 am to get there from Seoul. The bus ride was two and a half hours of tossing and turning but tolerable, because I […]

Top 10 Must-Sees in Seoul, South Korea


  Seoul is not exactly a city that never sleeps but it is definitely full of life and personality. Seoul has a long, exciting history full of beauty and tragedy. Seoul’s diversities range from ancient Joseon Dynasty palaces to extremely modern skyscrapers. Seoul is a city with beauty around ever corner. I have complied a list of […]