April 27, 2017

Serenity Villa in Kyoto, Japan

imperial villa

Peace. This five letter word describes with perfect accuracy the ambiance of  the Shugaku-in Imperial Villa (修学院離宮) in Kyoto, Japan. Not many places on earth can offer such beauty, serenity, culture, comfort and the perfect synergy of those four traits. This extraordinary villa is at the top of a quaint mountain and nestled deep into the […]


The emotional blossoming in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan


On my first day in Japan, and abroad for that matter, I had the great pleasure of spending the day in Ueno, Tokyo, Japan. The beauty of this district in the Taito ward of Tokyo is unmatched. On top of everything it was sakura season, cherry blossom season, and the blossoms were in full bloom. […]