April 27, 2017

Secrets of localization: Language


The most important form of communication behind body language is verbal communication. The ability to express your thoughts, emotions, feelings, desires and ideas with extreme detail are paramount to localizing. If you want to become as local as you possibly can, the main way to achieve this goal is by learning the local language. This […]


The emotional blossoming in Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan


On my first day in Japan, and abroad for that matter, I had the great pleasure of spending the day in Ueno, Tokyo, Japan. The beauty of this district in the Taito ward of Tokyo is unmatched. On top of everything it was sakura season, cherry blossom season, and the blossoms were in full bloom. […]

Traveling and eating my way to a new global culture


For as long as I can remember I have been on a mission to burn down my personal culture, and from the ashes built a new culture with global values. The famous idea that we are a product of our environments has always intrigued and sparked thoughts in my mind, but has also frightened me. […]

When in Rome…eat like a local!


When traveling around the world or going to a unknown spot in your town, eating local food is a fantastic way to learn about a culture and people. My favorite way to understand a country, culture or person better is by sitting down and having a common meal with the locals. People everywhere have amazing […]

Most important words, phrases and language tools for traveling ANYWHERE!

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  Most important words, phrases and language tools for traveling ANYWHERE Language may quite possibly be the epitome of human evolution, unfortunately there just happens to be hundreds of different languages on Earth. Thankfully with the advent of globalization and subsequent greater inter-connectivity, English has become an almost universal, global language that is widely spoken […]

Secrets of localization: Moral relativism


One of the most important keys to assimilation is understanding a people’s culture in context. When trying to localize you can not simple know how and what people do, but you also, and most importantly, must know why people do. To foreigners, certain customs and traditions are extremely illogical and without place, but to the […]

Tolerance and Travel


Years ago, before I ever left The States, I distinctly remember going through the drive-thru at my local McDonald’s in my hometown in Central Florida. After ordering my burger and fries I strolled on up to the window and was going to hand the man at the window my money but, with great unfortunates, I could not […]

Localize! Giving the Middle Finger to Tourism


When travelling I have always found the most memorable and heartfelt times were when I was having a great conversation. When two, three or even four people from different parts of the world can sit down, share a meal or a drink, and discuss their thoughts and experiences life becomes richer. Strangely enough, I also […]