April 27, 2017

About Me

TravelanthonyMy name is Bruno and I created this website to chronicle my travels around the globe from small towns to urban metropolises from rain forests to deserts. My drive and decision to see all of this great planet was inspired by my passion for unique cuisine, love of interesting cultures and desire to live a minimalist lifestyle. Along the way I hope to inspire others with similar passions and desires to break out of the shackles of modern, conventional thinking and live the life they were meant to live. Along with my transformation of thought has come a desire to bridge cultures and inspire new ways of thinking, so that the world can become less of an “us” vs “them” mentality and closer to a “we” mentality. I have never been a conventional type of person in thinking or actions so my decision to live out of a backpack and become a planet walker is a lifestyle choice I embrace with open arms and an open mind.


zedmemurrayAfter university in 2011 I decided to travel to Japan and Thailand with a great friend and met an amazing person along the way. The man that I met was on a 1 year traveling adventure from South America to Europe to Asia. I did not realize people could travel so long without being rich but he taught me otherwise. He gave me hope to pursue my dream and bring it into actualization. After I traveled through Japan and Thailand I went home, moved to Seoul, South Korea,  taught English for a year and began to walk this planet. Happy Travels!