April 27, 2017

AIDS, Xenophobia and Multiculturalism in South Korea

This is the cover of a famous English magazine in South Korea called Groove

You heard it, all foreigners have AIDS and the Korean people are determined to stop the flow of foreigners who carry this deadly disease from entering their country! This is a very, very common idea within Korean society, and the government creates laws to reduce the capacity for foreigners to work legally in South Korea. […]

Cultural Awareness: The Korean emotion of han (한)


But still there is hope… I have always been fascinated by East Asian cultural traits but none so much as the Korean emotion of  han. Like with many concepts from different cultures, han has no direct translation to Western languages or culture but can be felt none the less. Han permeates through Korean society and […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean drinking culture

drunk korean

Push it to the limit! In Korea they truly push it to the limit when it comes to drinking. Strangely enough in Korea, drinking does not end when you reach your limit, in fact reaching your limit is only half the battle. Once at your limit you must continue to persevere and drink more while […]