April 27, 2017

Cultural Awareness: Fan death in South Korea

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All countries have unique and idiosyncratic superstitions that arise and, sometimes thrive, because of past historical or culture circumstances, and South Korea is no different. It is a widely held believe in South Korea that if you go to sleep with an electric fan running overnight, while in a closed room that you will die. […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean Reunification


 “We are one people” The reunification of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea, and the Republic of Korea, better known as South Korea, is a sensitive and touchy subject among North and South Korea. Over 60 years ago much more than just the country split into 2 parts. The dividing […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean drinking culture

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Push it to the limit! In Korea they truly push it to the limit when it comes to drinking. Strangely enough in Korea, drinking does not end when you reach your limit, in fact reaching your limit is only half the battle. Once at your limit you must continue to persevere and drink more while […]

Nami Island: The cutest lil’ island in South Korea


Welcome to Nami Country! Nami Island is a cute little island about an hour and a half from central Seoul. After a riding a train, bus and a ferry I arrived at Nami Island. The trip is quite pleasurable and is very manageable.    My initial reaction to the island was less than ideal. My […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean education system


The pressure is truly on in South Korea. Young and older students alike must devote all of their time and, in many cases, their lives to studying. The competition in the country of 54 million is unheard of and brings many students to their knees out of despair. Although the stress from normal, public school […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean etiquette


When traveling to foreign countries no one wants to make a foolish and embarrassing mistake when having an interaction with a local or making a faux pas at dinner, but it is usually inevitable. The beauty of being a foreigner is that you are not expected to know the proper etiquette of many countries, so […]