April 27, 2017

Top 10 Must-Sees in Seoul, South Korea


  Seoul is not exactly a city that never sleeps but it is definitely full of life and personality. Seoul has a long, exciting history full of beauty and tragedy. Seoul’s diversities range from ancient Joseon Dynasty palaces to extremely modern skyscrapers. Seoul is a city with beauty around ever corner. I have complied a list of […]

The Subway-Sardine Experiment


열차가 들어오고 있습니다! The train is now approaching!As I have been living in Seoul for roughly 10 months now I know this quick announcement to mean that in less than 30 seconds I will be hurdled into a subway train and become a veritable sardine. This experience can be remarkably unpleasant and awkward during rush hour because […]

Tolerance and Travel


Years ago, before I ever left The States, I distinctly remember going through the drive-thru at my local McDonald’s in my hometown in Central Florida. After ordering my burger and fries I strolled on up to the window and was going to hand the man at the window my money but, with great unfortunates, I could not […]

Wat Arun (วัดอรุณ), Thailand


Temple of Dawn Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand and is one of the more remarkable temples I have ever seen. This is a very famous temple for travelers to visit but I do feel that most people miss the real beauty behind The Temple of Dawn. The rich history and architecture really brings […]

Localize! Giving the Middle Finger to Tourism


When travelling I have always found the most memorable and heartfelt times were when I was having a great conversation. When two, three or even four people from different parts of the world can sit down, share a meal or a drink, and discuss their thoughts and experiences life becomes richer. Strangely enough, I also […]