April 27, 2017

AIDS, Xenophobia and Multiculturalism in South Korea

This is the cover of a famous English magazine in South Korea called Groove

You heard it, all foreigners have AIDS and the Korean people are determined to stop the flow of foreigners who carry this deadly disease from entering their country! This is a very, very common idea within Korean society, and the government creates laws to reduce the capacity for foreigners to work legally in South Korea. […]

Cultural Awareness: Fan death in South Korea

To match feature KOREA-FANS/

All countries have unique and idiosyncratic superstitions that arise and, sometimes thrive, because of past historical or culture circumstances, and South Korea is no different. It is a widely held believe in South Korea that if you go to sleep with an electric fan running overnight, while in a closed room that you will die. […]

Traveling and eating my way to a new global culture


For as long as I can remember I have been on a mission to burn down my personal culture, and from the ashes built a new culture with global values. The famous idea that we are a product of our environments has always intrigued and sparked thoughts in my mind, but has also frightened me. […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean Reunification


 “We are one people” The reunification of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea, and the Republic of Korea, better known as South Korea, is a sensitive and touchy subject among North and South Korea. Over 60 years ago much more than just the country split into 2 parts. The dividing […]

Cultural Awareness: The Korean emotion of han (한)


But still there is hope… I have always been fascinated by East Asian cultural traits but none so much as the Korean emotion of  han. Like with many concepts from different cultures, han has no direct translation to Western languages or culture but can be felt none the less. Han permeates through Korean society and […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean drinking culture

drunk korean

Push it to the limit! In Korea they truly push it to the limit when it comes to drinking. Strangely enough in Korea, drinking does not end when you reach your limit, in fact reaching your limit is only half the battle. Once at your limit you must continue to persevere and drink more while […]

When in Rome…eat like a local!


When traveling around the world or going to a unknown spot in your town, eating local food is a fantastic way to learn about a culture and people. My favorite way to understand a country, culture or person better is by sitting down and having a common meal with the locals. People everywhere have amazing […]

Most important words, phrases and language tools for traveling ANYWHERE!

why_learn_a_language_42 (1)

  Most important words, phrases and language tools for traveling ANYWHERE Language may quite possibly be the epitome of human evolution, unfortunately there just happens to be hundreds of different languages on Earth. Thankfully with the advent of globalization and subsequent greater inter-connectivity, English has become an almost universal, global language that is widely spoken […]

Cultural Awareness: Dokdo Island


Who would have thought such tiny rocks in the ocean could cause such an uproar! The Liancourt Rocks, known as Dokdo in Korea and Takeshima in Japan, are a group of small islets in the East Sea, between Korea and Japan, that are under great dispute between these 2 economic titans. While the sovereignty of […]

Cultural Awareness: Korean education system


The pressure is truly on in South Korea. Young and older students alike must devote all of their time and, in many cases, their lives to studying. The competition in the country of 54 million is unheard of and brings many students to their knees out of despair. Although the stress from normal, public school […]